1930  :  Primary School (Grade 4,5) Vocational School, then Extraordinary Primary School.
1938  :  Maha Sarakham Teachers Training School (Cert.)
1955  :  Teacher Training School (Cert. Maha Sarakham Education)
1962  :  Teacher College (Cert. High Education)
1975  :  Maha Sarakham Teacher College (Bachelor Degree)
1979  :  B. Ed (Part time)
1992  :  Rajabhat Maha Sarakham Institute
1998  :  M.Ed.
2002  :  Cert. Professional Teaching
2004  :  Rajabhat Maha Sarakhum University
2007  :  D. Ed. (Education Administration)
2009  :  Ph.D. (Research and Education Evaluation, Computer Science, Curriculum
            and Instruction, and Mathematics.


Improve and develop the professional teachers for the sustainable local community.


1. Produce the teachers to serve the communities and Thailand
2. Manage the Education quality by using the good governance.
3. Serve the people’ knowledge and wisdom which concern the communities, local offices, and neighbor countries.
4. Collaborate the Graduate school for improve the staffs’ educational degrees.
5. Resources and School network for researches, retrieval, and knowledge forum.
6. Strengthen the professional teaching program and enhance the teachers' achievement, including standardize the teachers.
7. Develop the Education innovation to promote the local education.
8. Preserve sustainable culture and tradition, religion and environment.


To manage in education, curriculum for local societies, national and in - out source for technical service of teachers and personals in education continuously and effectively.

Our Strengths
1. Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University was developed from School of Education, so the Faculty of Education has improved Thailand Professional teachers for 90 years.
     1. Instruct the Bachelor Degree to Doctoral Degree.
     2. In - Service Training Teachers Centre.
     3. Location in The Middle of Northeast of Thailand.


We trust in our alumni, Master teachers all over Thailand, desirable characteristics of graduates, good persons ,good knowledge, good teaching and good character.

Faculty Color  : Blue Blue

Faculty Flower  : Orange Jessamine or Dok Kaew